Introducing the new theme song – In the Swamp!

Whoa hey!

It sure has been a while! The other day I was messing around with the guitar and discovered a cool little riff I liked. I made some adjustments and it turned into a broader guitar track in GarageBand. I really don’t get a whole lot of time to mess around with GarageBand, so I hacked around adding another lead guitar track over the riff. It was a fun little jam but too fast and busy to write lyrics for so I just decided to experiment with some words about frogs that might be useful to help advertise this website. I captured all of this on the camera on the iPhone as I made progress and after a few minutes “In the Swamp” was born!


IMG_0878-1024x768I know this song is crazy and the words don’t make any sense at all. Some of you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind! 🙂 I spliced the videos I captured together and imported into Adobe Premier. I have a CS6 Creative Cloud subscription that I purchased for my company and since I focus primarily on software development, I hadn’t had a chance to mess with it much yet. I took a couple hours trying different things and spliced together my first original “music video”. It is a tribute to great 70’s/80’s hair bands and I hope you like it or at least crack a smile!