Geeks with Guitars

Whoa! Hey!  If you stumbled on here from my other domain ( you are probably surprised and disappointed to see a collection of old articles about many things having nothing to do with guitars.  I am sorry for that but will defend a position that the AppleTV article is sadly still relevant as there is STILL no update to the device and just an increasing number of channels where an app store should be!  Hopefully that will change with WWDC2014 on June 2.

IMG_1547-1024x1024Back to the topic of guitars!  Months ago, I bought the domain hoping to someday build a community for all of my fellow geeks (developers, engineers, tech writers, gadget loving tech people) who also have a passion and talent for music.  With a wife in school, three kids, cat, new puppy, and a software company to help run I haven’t really had the time to build this out yet.


Today, I saw this nice article talking about the correlation between developers and guitar players and it reminded me again how cool it would be to have a special place for us to find each other, talk about the tech, guitars, and music we love and maybe find ways to jam at conferences, form international/long distance bands, etc.

If any of this sounds interesting, or if you have ideas for content, you want to help, you want to be featured, etc. hit me on twitter or send me a note!

— Jeremy


Introducing the new theme song – In the Swamp!

Whoa hey!

It sure has been a while! The other day I was messing around with the guitar and discovered a cool little riff I liked. I made some adjustments and it turned into a broader guitar track in GarageBand. I really don’t get a whole lot of time to mess around with GarageBand, so I hacked around adding another lead guitar track over the riff. It was a fun little jam but too fast and busy to write lyrics for so I just decided to experiment with some words about frogs that might be useful to help advertise this website. I captured all of this on the camera on the iPhone as I made progress and after a few minutes “In the Swamp” was born!


IMG_0878-1024x768I know this song is crazy and the words don’t make any sense at all. Some of you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind! 🙂 I spliced the videos I captured together and imported into Adobe Premier. I have a CS6 Creative Cloud subscription that I purchased for my company and since I focus primarily on software development, I hadn’t had a chance to mess with it much yet. I took a couple hours trying different things and spliced together my first original “music video”. It is a tribute to great 70’s/80’s hair bands and I hope you like it or at least crack a smile!